The Virtual Longevity Center

By Carol Lake and Jaime Brenkus

Your Personal Path to Longevity

Transform your health with the Virtual Longevity Center! Get 8 customized workouts monthly, and enjoy unique quarterly events. Benefit from expert guidance and a vibrant community that shares your victories. Personalized advice from Carol Lake ensures you stay on track. Join us for a lifetime of wellness!

Certified Health Coach, Natural Intuitive, 7th Generation Shamanic Reiki Master, and an Ageless Grace® Educator, Carol Lake is here and ready to help!

What You Get With The Virtual Longevity Center:

One-on-One Workouts, 8 Times a Month

Get eight personalized workouts each month tailored to your specific fitness goals and needs. Carol Lake and Jaime Brenkus provide expert guidance, ensuring each session is effective, safe, and enjoyable. These workouts are designed to help you progress steadily and see tangible results.

Coach Chat - Direct Access to Carol Lake and Jaime Brenkus

Have questions about your fitness journey? With the Coach Chat feature, you can directly ask Carol Lake for advice and get personalized responses. Whether you need tips on exercise form, motivation, or nutrition, Carol's expert insights will keep you on the right track.

Daily Victories Community - Sharing Thoughts

Join the Daily Victories Community, a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share your passion for health and fitness. Celebrate your achievements, exchange tips, and find inspiration in others' stories. This community fosters a positive and encouraging environment that keeps you motivated.

Plus Access to Courses and Much More!

$2,500/three months

Hear From Previous Clients!

“I have been a health coaching client for over two years with Carol. I want people to know that Carol is more than a health coach, she is someone who can connect to clients daily with inspirational texts, motivational emails and if there is an issue or situation, she is always available and she makes the time to talk. She dives deeps into what my goals are and helps me achieve them. What is even more valuable is that there is a spiritual piece that she can connect to intuitively to what the client (or what I need) guiding me in the direction to my own personal needs even better than a mental health professional therapist, which I would know as I am a professional clinical counselor. I will continue to utilize Carol with my health coaching sessions on a regular basis as long as I possibly can. She is amazing!!!”

- Peggy S. OH

“Carol used the guiding and healing force of life energy, reiki, and I had the most amazing spiritual experience! The entire time she was working, I had a smile on my face, with tears of joy running free. I felt a release in my heart as she worked, that has set me free from self condemnation. I was vibrating for nearly two hours after the session with the energy. She is caring, positive, open, and definitely gifted at healing. I look forward to more sessions for energy balance, and cannot wait to share this form of healing with my loved ones. Thank you so much for what you do and how you do it! You are truly an inspiration.”

- Sarah, PA

“Carol is a wonderful health coach! She is an angel in the flesh, always available, giving helpful reminders to keep me on track. I had a fall a few days before I met with her and was unable to go up and down the stairs without pain, but when I got off her treatment table for Reiki, the pain in my knee went away. I didn’t go there for that, but it helped because her treatment is good for the body, mind and soul. Thank you Carol!”

Jane L - Osteopathic Family Physician

More Than Just Workouts!

Join us for More Than Just Workouts! Experience a holistic approach to wellness with access to our "Total Wellness Community", where you'll connect with others and learn together. Plus, get exclusive access to our "Healthy Eating Plan" course, ensuring your nutrition complements your fitness routine perfectly. Elevate your fitness journey with us today!

8 Times a Week of Workouts that Get You in Shape!

Transform your health with the Virtual Longevity Center! Get 8 customized workouts monthly, and enjoy unique quarterly events. Benefit from expert guidance and a vibrant community that shares your victories. Personalized advice from Carol Lake ensures you stay on track. Join us for a lifetime of wellness!

Reasons to Choose Carol Lake for Your Workouts!

Proven Personal Journey

Carol's journey through health challenges and misdiagnoses inspired her to embrace a holistic lifestyle, revealing its transformative power. Her personal success is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

Comprehensive Expertise

With a diverse professional background, Carol offers a distinctive mix of health coaching, intuitive insight, Reiki mastery, and Ageless Grace® education. This comprehensive skill set guarantees a holistic approach to improving your well-being.

Tailored Holistic Lifestyle

Carol doesn't just promote a holistic lifestyle; she embodies it. Her method includes diet, exercise, meditation, positive thinking, stress management, and visualization – a customized plan that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Passion for Education

Carol's dedication to ongoing education through classes, books, and seminars highlights her commitment to remaining at the forefront of holistic health practices. She doesn't just follow trends; she establishes them.

Empathetic Understanding

Having encountered dismissive attitudes from medical professionals herself, Carol approaches her clients with empathy and understanding. She understands the importance of a personalized, compassionate approach to wellness.

Results-Driven Coaching:

Carol doesn't just motivate; she empowers. Her coaching focuses on concrete, client-driven goals that result in tangible, transformative outcomes. Your success is her success.

Escape the Conventional

Are you frustrated with the constraints of the healthcare and pharmaceutical system? Carol Lake provides an alternative – a journey toward optimal health that surpasses conventional methods, emphasizing self-awareness and natural healing.

Check out our courses and community!

Get more from Carol!

"The N.O.W Vitality" Course!

The "Natural One Wellness Vitality" Course is a 20-minute full-body workout and program that focuses on key muscle groups through cardio and behavioral lifestyle changes. This isn't traditional; it's a blend of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. These approaches, practices, rituals, and affirmations are designed to ground you in the present moment.

Learn About The N.O.W Vitality Course with Carol Lake!

This program can prepare you for your best bikini body, whether for the beach or special occasions like weddings, class reunions, proms, or parties—any event where you want to look and feel your best!

Commit to a healthier you—enroll now and make fitness a seamless part of your everyday life. Your journey to a more vibrant, energized self begins here!